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Brand New - Deja Entendu

Forgive my lack of posting the past few days, I've been ill and exhausted.

Brand New were introduced to me more by force than by choice, a friend of mine was like "You've listened to Brand New haven't you? You haven't?! What is wrong with you?!" and then pretty much linked me to every song Brand New had ever made back in 2011. Although it only took listening to less than half an album worth of songs for me to go "Hey, these guys are really good...I understand why you like them so much" and then listening to albums on repeat.

Deja Entendu (2003) is an album certified gold in the US and was written by lead singer and rhythm guitarist, Jesse Lacey. Deja Entendu is French for 'Already Heard'.

This album has some incredible reviews and I can see why. Its alternative rock style genre and development from previous album 'Your Favourite Weapon' in just 2 years is highly impressive and shows a more mature side to the musicians and was probably due to the fact music was produced by Steven Haigler rather than Mike Sapone (other than Play Crack The Sky) in this album. 

Interestingly, this album's song names are based on a lot of films and film quotes, but unless you knew where they came from before researching in the first place they probably seem like an underground Fall Out Boy from their lengthy & unusual song title choices.

Unlike 'Your Favourite Weapon', I feel this album focuses more heavily on its music and how it ties together with Lacey's voice and is 100x more upbeat with a much bigger sound than what's described as it's more 'emo' days. Although Brand New are known for their lyrics touching the hearts of those who aren't exactly having the best of days, this album change made a big impact on listeners (even ones who didn't discover them until late like myself) and from what I've seen, Brand New fan tattoo's are mainly coming from this album, whether lyrics or album cover, this album is inspiring, has helped a lot of people and is continuing to do so.

Although this entire album is incredible my favourite song off Deja would potentially be 'Jaws Theme Swimming' it's one of the albums slower songs, but never does it make me feel miserable. You can hear every instrument involved and whilst chords seem easier in this compared to others, it doesn't distract me from Lacey's voice with lead guitarist Vincent Accardi and bassist Garrett Tierney helping whenever the song reaches its heavier tone.

Every album has to have one song that doesn't appeal as much as the others do and for me it would be 'Guernica'. Although its not awful just its my least favourite, the actual start of the song reminds me of something Angels & Airwaves would play.

Something that really fascinated me about this album I've already mentioned, but its the song titles. "Okay I Believe You But My Tommy Gun Dont" comes from a fake film 'Angels With Filthy Souls' that our favourite Kevin McCallister from Home Alone is watching. This is a quote from a film that gets our favourite troublemaker out of trouble. This is another unforgettably amazing song, I'm not sure if the lyrics for any referenced song links to their quoted titles, but even if they don't, they're still out of this world with how good they can make you feel.

'The Devil & God Are Raging Inside Me' is my second favourite album as 'Daisy' could never compete with either for me, if anyone was looking into Brand New, Deja Entendu is the album I would suggest they go listen to, providing you like a mix of an alternative punk and rock feel, its a refreshing sound to hear compared to a lot of music these days which usually sounds similar to every other rock album out there, maybe that's why Deja Entendu is named what it is? You haven't heard it before but you may have heard something like it? Either way they haven't changed to please others? 

This is easily my favourite Brand New album to date and they're one of them bands who you'll definitely list when someone asks you what kind of music you listen to. Every album previously has had a 2-3 year gap before the next, since the last album Daisy came out in 2009 (Not counting the deluxe edition of Your Favourite Weapon) I think we have waited out for a new album long enough, so lets hope that the next album release (hopefully in 2014) is just as good as Deja if not better! 

As a side note, Brand New have the most amazing merchandise I've seen come out of a band since blink182, there's so many options I doubt you'd see anyone wearing the same shirt as you unless you went to a concert of course, there's been a lot of thought and artistic flair gone into every item so those should definitely be checked out if you are or become a fan! 5 star album, easily!

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