Monday, 9 September 2013

City and Colour - The Hurry and The Harm

Dallas Green was introduced to me around 3 years back by a close friend of mine who adored the sweet rustic tones of Dallas' voice. After hearing 'The Girl' as well as his fantastic Myspace Transmissions, it wasn't long before Dallas' was regularly singing me to sleep, getting me through the most stressful days and making long train rides easier to get through. 

His latest album 'The Hurry and the Harm' (2013) was released June 2013 and follow his 3 previous successful and highly rated albums 'Sometimes', 'Bring Me Your Love' and 'Little Hell'.

This albums genre was put under 'Alternative Rock' which is entirely different from the previous 3 albums which were classified as a more Acoustic/Folk sound. I was really looking forward to this album and in all honesty I probably put my expectations incredibly high. Considering one of my main loves is acoustic music and that twangy folk kind of sound, I was personally a little disappointed. 

However this isn't because the album was bad, not at all. The album was certified gold within 21 days in Canada and was number no.1 on the Canadian albums chart selling 23,000 copies in its first week.

 I just much preferred his previous albums and felt like they were more personal to Dallas and that the lyrics were much more meaningful despite the slight sound of sorrow and hurt, there was also a variety of love songs and songs about hope that would get you through any kind of day, I didn't feel the same with The Hurry and The Harm.

Of Space and Time is by far my most favourite song off this album, it has that classic acoustic feeling that I adore and reaching that perfect little melodic tone that makes me close my eyes and smile at the perfection that is and always has been Dallas Green.

I didn't and still don't like listening to 'Deaths Song', maybe because the lyrics do make me feel ever so emotional and play on my heart strings (making me a sobbing weepy mess) and its just a song I find a bit too much for me in the sense that I'd only want to listen to it if I was going through heavy depression which is kind of sad in my eyes that I feel so uncomfortable listening to Dallas' kind of talk about when people stop listening to his music. I just wasn't over keen.

Thirst is another song that I really loved and I was incredibly happy that Dallas had made, it really lifted the mood of the album for me. I was a little disappointed seeing its original video as it didn't seem very Dallas-like at all and I didn't enjoy watching it, it was a bit too psychedelic/dark for me until a month later he released the Alternative video and I was so overjoyed to see the video had got a lot calmer and didn't feature the women (who I felt seemed irrelevant in the original video, although very beautiful!).

The alternative video was so well made and I enjoyed watching it 100 times more for the close ups and it being focused on no one but Dallas directed in an artistic way. Apparently I wasn't alone! A lot of comments on both Youtube videos show people much preferred the alternative video.

I honestly don't know, this album does have a few great tracks but the 'meh' out-weighed the good. I felt like this album was very dark, compared to previous albums and it had lost its sense of happiness even in the sadder songs. I do like this album but I LOVED Sometimes (2005) and Bring Me Your Love (2008) they were modulated and complete for me, there was more emotion and care.

City and Colours music is kind of on the lines of whatever you find first, you'll love more than the rest, because you'll probably relate to that album and that song at that particular time in your life. So this is probably one of the reasons I'm less keen on The Hurry and the Harm.

The Hurry and the Harm didn't do it for me like the other albums. What Makes A Man gets me through some really damn painfully long train rides home after goodbyes, and as I sit alone trying to hide sadness from strangers, it will always help me get my 'sitting on a train staring out a window' movie scene moment, for that I am forever grateful to have music from Dallas in my life and will continue to support whatever he does.

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