Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Dexter Season 8 Finale.

After 8 long seasons Dexter has finally finished. It's been a bumpy journey with season highs and season lows, some having people wanting more and sending imaginations wild whilst other leaving viewers thinking "well, that season was a bit awful wasn't it?" (Spoilers)
This season has been one of Dexter's better seasons for me, but not its best. I found the return of Hannah McKay really annoying, after not being able to get rid of his dark passenger when around her in the previous season that she was in, it seemed ridiculous to me that McKay suddenly stopped him wanting to be that person any more. 

The season finale showed after deb getting shot, her going into hospital with Quinn, having an emotional talk about how she's done bad things and would have to save "a bus full of nuns" to make up for it, for him to reassure her that she's a good person. After this we see Harrison and Dexter looking for McKay at the airport, who has hid in the bathroom due to Elway looking for her, to help her escape, Dexter plants a bag and tells airport staff he just saw Elway walk away from it suspiciously, thus making people leave the airport. (Do airport security not have camera's?) but also delaying their own flight.

Dexter tells Hannah to get on the bus with Harrison, catch the flight to Argentina and he'll meet them out there after finding out Saxon has hurt Deb he wants nothing more than a final kill. (FINALLY) Seeing a blood covered Saxon walking towards Debs room (who just before had cut out the tongue of the man that stitched up his arm as a distraction to get into the hospital) Dexter grabs a hospital fork as a weapon and walks towards Saxon before he is caught by Lt. Batista holding a gun to his head, arresting him and taking him off. Dexter walks into Debs room to find it empty. 

Debs condition has worsened as he finds out from Quinn and going to her room they found out she suffered a blood clot, meaning that she will no longer be able to do anything but breathe on her own. This, hurting Dexter seeing his sister that's life has been ruined by him goes to the cell in which Saxon is staying and provokes him to stab Dexter with a pen knowing there's a camera in the room. After Saxon stabs him, he pulls the pen out and stabs Saxon in the neck, killing him before pressing the emergency button and quivering because Saxon tried to kill him. Batista and Quinn interview Dexter as to why he went into the room. Dexter says because of the state Deb was in he wanted to make sure everything was done properly. Quinn says "I only wish I could of done it myself" after Batista agree's he killed Saxon in self defence. 

I did enjoy the scene where Saxon got caught, I really wanted to see him get shot but I hated that Deb was suffering in a vegetated state. I wanted her to get better and to cuddle Harrison and to give her many Fucks and Shits at the fact Saxon came back. 

But this part annoyed me, the way Dexter was on security camera yet no one came to the room when he was stabbed until he pressed a button? Plus the footage of him reaching over to stab Saxon, watching him fall to the floor and standing there in glory over seeing him dead for everything he's done, he slowly pushes the button in a completely straight posture before he quivers in fear. That was frustrating, surely they should force someone into being in the room with someone who's been filmed enjoying murdering a bunch of people, left a mental hospital and had just tried to kill again. I would expect full security.

Then the scene in which Hannah and Harrison are on the bus ready to catch a flight before revealing Elway is sat next to them and that he's getting off on their stop, taking Hannah with him and giving Harrison across to child protection services. Hannah near a stop takes out a flask and offers Elway tea, to which he looks at her as if to say he's stupid. She's hiding one of Dexter's needles behind this small flask cup and stabs Elway in the leg, telling him he's going to sleep for around 8 hours. Hannah wakes Harrison and flees the bus.

But seriously? No one else on the bus overheard Hannah saying she just gave him a shot of tranquillizer and that he's going to be unconscious? Or the fact that Elway was about to arrest her? Plus the fact no one saw this huge needle including Elway that was hidden behind a flask? Not suspicious at all. 

Dexter takes his boat to the hospital which is evacuating getting ready for the storm, dressed in his green shirt and gloves, he visits Deb and rings Harrison, telling him he loves him and to remember that every day until he next sees him. He takes Deb off the life support, not shedding a tear and takes her out the hospital, once outside, he lifts Debra's body through a crowd of people with nothing but a sheet over her and takes her to his boat placing her along the seat and drives off.

By now I was exhausted with the gaps and getaways Dexter was publicly making. I know there was an evacuation going on? But did him switching off everything that was helping Deb live not alert one member of staff? Not one person saw him wheel out a woman fully covered with a sheet over her head, pick up this body and walk off? No one saw or was alarmed/alerted? WHAT?

Dexter drives off into the sea picking Deb up and dumps her body in the sea. I thought this was the most awful part about it, despite loving the ocean, this is the place he comes to dumb bodies that he considers bad people, I was actually expecting and sort of hoping Dexter would jump into the sea holding Deb, die with her in his arms. But he dumps her and drives into the eye of Hurricane Laura. We then see Hannah and Harrison, Hannah finds out about Dexter not coming by seeing online that the remains of his boat were found, but he was gone, concluding that he had been killed, walking off hand in hand with Harrison to get ice cream. 

The series ends with a bearded Dexter getting out of a truck carrying lumber, he then walks into a building sits and stares directly into the Camera, so us the viewer. Now alone, protecting the people he loves from himself.

This was the most annoying ending possible for me, there was things that could of turned out much better and the fact that Dexter drives his boat into the eye of hurricane Laura (Notice the name of his mother?) and manages to somehow survive? Debra dying in the most horrible way possible. No final views from Quinn after Debs body disappearing, or Batista? No finding out about LaGuerta? Or any other kills? No views from Jamie about who took Harrison and was looking after him? Plus the fact Vince Masuka and his daughters storyline seemed a bit pointless and didn't feel like it progressed much at all. 

The one thing that made this season finale even slightly watchable for me, was the flashback of Deb and Dexter seeing Harrison for the first time. Discussing how they was a dad or an aunt, and Debra telling Dexter how he could look after Harrison easily, because he looked after her, staying with her as a child when the lights went off and she thought there was monsters in the room. I enjoyed that the final episode was named after this scene 'Remember the Monsters?'

Overall a poor season ending. I wish it would of been different and Dexter has certainly had better days. Although a really good show when it wants to be, I was thoroughly disappointed.

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