Sunday, 22 September 2013

Grand Theft Auto 5

As a kid I was a huge fan of GTA Vice City and San Andreas. I played countless hours on those games as a kid. Since its PS2 days I haven't played any other GTA game so this overall review is jumping everything in between. (Spoilers)

The general advertisement for this game was incredible, I haven't heard so much about a new game coming out since Black Ops. I'm not someone who buys a lot of games, but I knew so many people who were pre ordering and despite not seeing any previews I got it the day of its release, 17th September 2013.

I must admit, I'm one of those people who is such a fidget during games, it takes a lot for me to sit still for countless hours fixated on one thing, however this game had me staring at my screen for around 32 hours to complete it. I also must admit my first mission fail wasn't even 20 seconds into playing, I wanted to find out the buttons straight away, I hate tutorials I just like reminders, so pointing a gun at a hostage before shooting him in the head was possibly the funniest "Oh" when playing a game I've had in a long while.

The game is based around the beginning tutorial level, focusing on the plot line of a heist that went wrong when character Trevor escaped leaving his partners Brad and Michael who had been shot. We then see it forwarded 10 years to character Franklin, who works as a repo man with his friend Lamar. Franklin meets Michael (living with a new identity, his wife and two kids) by repossessing his sons car and smashing it into the dealership they end up friends after 'sorting it out'. After Michael catches his wife in bed with someone, out of anger he pulls down the house of a Mexican drug lord and has to find the money to pay for its rebuild with the help of Franklin.

Michael and Franklin take on their first heist together, Trevor (believing Michael to be dead and Brad in prison) hear's about the heist and knows its Michael, and sets off to find his friend who he grieved for believing him to be dead for the past 10 years and after finding him is without a doubt, a little bit pissed off at him. (Naturally) Before they end up pulling off a few heists together themselves. 

The game in general took me a while to get into in terms of its controls, playing it on the xbox I found it difficult getting a grasp of the different controls depending on whereabouts whichever character you was playing was, whether driving, in combat or flying. Flying was the worst for me, especially when after a mission it required you to land a plane in a certain spot and if you was right next to it you had to fly off and do it all over again which got me heavily frustrated at times!

I loved that the characters had a phone each, being able to be updated with what new weapons you'd unlocked was really helpful, plus the storyline was always ongoing in between missions when people would ring you mid drive or text and you'd get to reply. I also enjoyed the fact the characters were able to take selfies. The general change in characters was really good too, you'd switch between characters if they were a fair distance away from each other by zooming out overlooking the map and zooming back into the next characters location where a cinematic clip would potentially play just before you got to move about which I really enjoyed.

Faults? Although I liked the large map, there was so many roads which didn't always make it easy getting around places quickly. A 20 minute drive from the bottom of the map to the top seemed a bit ridiculous and I couldn't do it considering mission areas were in such different places so I ended up getting a cab pretty much everywhere unless it was part of a heist or it was a short journey. Also I'm a pretty crappy driver, ended up flying through my car window and doing accidental stunt flips on more than one occasion. I get a temper when I crash into other cars from reckless driving in games, this was a major pain in the arse for me. Although I loved being able to get a taxi because if I didn't mind the wait I could go make a cup of tea on a taxi journey time. Excellent!

The game features one scene or rather mission however which made me feel slightly uncomfortable as well as other players in which you have to torture someone, pick what to torture them with and proceed with doing it. Its a bit of a shock and made me feel really on edge proceeding with the mission and I know its sparked a lot of hate from game reviewers. I think the only way this mission or rather scene is redeemed is after torturer Trevor gets ordered to kill off the guy he's been finding out information from (even when willing to give information continuing with the torture) he in fact lets him live, giving a speech about how when torturing people they can get information easily, just from a few simple threats, however "Torture's for the torturer, or the guy giving the orders to the torturer. You torture for the good times! We should all admit that. It's useless as a means of getting information".

My favourite part about this game was its detail. I was playing as Franklin and had to do a triathlon against some crazy angry woman and I walked into the water, seems simple? but the detail of the fact the characters shorts changed colour from the water gradually depending on how far I went in really amazed me, or how after getting out of the water the characters clothes would still look wet rather than instantly looking dry is such a simple yet really amazing detail and I loved that the creators really thought about the detail.

This game comes with many easy side quest missions too, which actually help you with building the skills of each character specifically shown depending on colours on the map. 

The voices of each character was great and fitted their characters perfectly, although seemingly stereotypical, they suited them so well although I can't recall a single cinematic scene, or any game play in fact which didn't involve at least one throw of cuss words and racial slur or the odd talk about incest and seeing a fair share of very detailed boobs so, that was certainly...interesting.

Overall I did really enjoy this game. I'm obviously gutted it only took me four days to complete, unlike San Andreas I can't see me playing it in general just to mess about considering its done although the ending (depending on which option you pick) didn't feel like it was over for me. 

Online game play doesn't start until October 1st though, I have no idea why? But I have a feeling it might be to do with wanting to get a lot of sales in its first week (which it did, 1 billion in the first three days if I'm right?) and ensuring people play the game before jumping straight online, which will make that interesting considering people who have got it before the online opening will have a fair bit of experience, so I guess that's an advantage?

I highly recommend buying this game! It was a lot of fun and the storyline was gripping and exciting, it does make you want to play continuously and I think that's the best part about a game, no matter how long it takes you to finish. Really enjoyable, plenty to do and a variety of missions. Brilliant.

GTAV - 5/5

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