Monday, 2 September 2013

SeaNanners (Adam Montoya) Youtube

This review is going to be somewhat difficult for me to be critical on due to being a completely huge fan of SeaNanners.

SeaNanners was introduced to me around a year back, his quirky attitude and the amount of laughter he brings made me subscribe after watching a single video and I've not regretted it since. Whether a video with friends or solo there was so much joy brought to the screen for just a few minutes and it made me happy watching, since then there's not a video I've missed.

Adam Montoya got his Youtube name from Xbox after trying to use the live gamertag name 'Nanners' (slang term for Bananas) but it already being taken, xbox then suggested the name 'SeaNanners' instead, thus the creation of the man himself. He started commentating on game-play when he first joined Youtube, signing up March 3rd 2009, before posting his first video the 23rd August 2009 mainly focusing on Call of Duty commentary.

Slowly gaining more friends online and in the popular Youtube gaming business, it wasn't long before our friend Nanners was gaining popularity and got more confident commentating on games and eventually showed his face with a minute long thank you video.

A large aspect of why SeaNanners is popular is not just because of his varied game choices and silly videos with friends (usually including the most incredibly hilarious thumbnails you've ever seen) but rather for the single videos he does on his own introducing us not only to new games but updating us with what's going on in his life, how he is doing in general and informing us almost as friends about everything he's been busy with, even describing what he's going to have for tea makes us feel like part of a family, almost like he's the older brother giving motivational speeches to get us through the week.

SeaNanners posts videos daily, his dolphin laugh is one you could never forget and from popular played game Trouble In Terrorist Town (TTT) he's gained the phrase 'Never Trust Nanners' from friends and fans. He is also known to wear the same shirt throughout every video and there is a running joke along Adam's wardrobe consisting of nothing but brown shirts (Despite this not being true due to photos on SeaNanners' facebook page)

Videos last around 2-4 minutes, whilst this has some newer fans whining for more on a daily basis, we understand that Nanners edits his videos to include only the funniest parts as well as his 'derp' faces to entertain us throughout the whole duration of the video, rather than watching minutes of him sat being inactive from gameplay. This is also due to the fact other Youtubers such as ChilledChaos 'CriousGamers' and HUTCH 'Shaun0728' who also upload game videos and play alongside with Nanners tend to post longer videos which will include everything SeaNanners posted, so all it requires is a little bit of searching and the person can watch a longer version anyway.

Before Youtube, Adam gained a degree in Television, Film and Media production but found it difficult finding a job, thus leading him to start Youtube after seeing a few people doing game commentary. What initially started out as a bit of fun ended up becoming a career, and 100,000 subscribers later found himself working for Machinima on the directors program.

SeaNanners has 3 types of videos on his channel:
  1. Video's of him playing games with friends, general game talk "I'm coming for you".
  2. Commentary on upcoming games, talking about life in general. "I just really love cashews"
  3. Games with Cathy, his adorable girlfriend who tends to hurt everyone's ears when screaming (It's okay Cathy we still love you)

Adam has recently spoke about a making a documentary which is an idea that fans have been very interested in and want to push Adam into making, wanting to find out more about him. His cat Youtube photo logo gave him the opportunity to use as a general logo for himself for his Merchandise (CLICK HERE) and has been very successful.

Currently, Montoya has over 3,073,301 subscribers in which he has shown he is incredibly grateful for and there's not a doubt in my mind that he will continue to make the world love him simply from talking and making us laugh everyday and us looking forward to hearing our favourite sentence "Hello everyone, my name is SeaNanners". 

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