Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Aussie - Hair Products

Aussie is and has been my favourite product for about 2/3 months now.

About 3 months back I was living at my friends house and I'd ran out of my own shampoo and conditioner and used hers and oh man, my hair felt so good afterwards!

She owned 'Aussie' (specifically Miracle Moist) which is a product produced in the UK using Australian ingredients. I'd never heard of it before, but it said 'Shampoo' on it so therefore; it was going on my hair. 

My own hair is very fine and has been dyed a fair few times,. I cut it myself but rarely as I've been trying to grow it past collarbone length for years, I rarely straighten it and try let it dry naturally, only using heat on it when I curl it. My hair used to be left feeling dry and I would molt a lot even after deep conditioning my hair for hours.

Thus, I'm always looking for hair products that will keep me from having dry hair with split ends without me having to keep cutting it preventing me from having long hair like I used to many years ago.

This shampoo is my favourite product because it does exactly what I need, it keeps my hair looking and feeling healthy, makes it soft and gives it a small amount of volume preventing that dry feeling from using the conditioner on the ends of my hair, giving it a better chance to grow.

My hair is currently at the longest stage in the best condition it's been in years, simply down to using Aussie. I'm one for things that smell good too, and this product has such a divine almost bubblegum like smell that will leave you throwing your hair in peoples faces to make them smell how nice it is. (I really did this)

Aussie has a variety of different collections suited for all kinds of hair. For frizz, coloured hair, moisturising, volume, long hair, shine, plus more. Including not just shampoo and conditioner, but leave in creams, sprays, mousse, treatments and hairspray. 

Shampoo and conditioners come in 300ml bottles (unless you're buying the small 75ml travel ones!) and cost around £4.50 per bottle, this may seem a little more expensive compared to well known hair products recommended by hair salons such as Tresemme, Head & Shoulders or L'Oreal however I would pay the extra every time due to having to use so little of the product, lasting much longer than any other product I have owned.

I highly recommend investing in Aussie hair products - 5/5

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