Friday, 25 October 2013

Inside HBO's Game Of Thrones Book

Sometimes things I adore will leave me wanting to write pages about whatever it is I'm currently fond of, which actually then leads to me being unable to describe something so awesome. 
This is what this book is doing to me right now and I love it.

To start this, I didn't realise that this book actually was released in September 2012, I'd never heard of this book or seen it until yesterday when randomly coming across it in a store and I bought it. It cost me £10 and I will tell you it is without a single doubt in my mind, worth every penny (I'm not even half way in!). 

Although I'm not even halfway through this book, I can tell you from a fan to a fan (presuming so otherwise you probably wouldn't be interested in reading this post) that this has been my most favourite 'extra' book purchase. I've bought books that go alongside a book series or ones that explain the making of movies, music videos and autobiography's and this is easily my favourite purchase ever which I highly recommend...No, I DEMAND you read! 

Everything I've been curious about, the behind the scenes and the opinions from the actual actors as well as designs and thoughts that went into everything to make the TV series is in this book and I love it, the book comes with photo upon photo of high quality images of sets, drawings, sketch designs, planning as well as photo's from the show and each house name family tree, which make the book all the more desirable reading words on parchment like background rather than your standard 'Black on white' book, even the cover is amazingly detailed and has a soft sponge-like cover.

A short example of why I love this book so much that The Wall in Westeros is one of the most incredible bits of scenery and so beautiful, I've always wondered how it was made to look so, where they found it and what went in to making The Wall, to find out The Wall is actually an old limestone quarry about 20 miles north of Belfast, how the lift to the top of the Wall was actually constructed and made by the construction team and how with the help of special effects used on the quarry's texture gave it that ice and snow look and comes complete with a photo showing the construction site lift being built!

Plus the fact Bryan Cogman (the executive story editor who had written two of the shows episodes at the time) is the writer of the book, with a preface from George R. R. Martin, the writer of 'A Song Of Ice and Fire' and forwarded by authors and executive producers David Benioff & D. B. Weiss makes this book even better, it's from people who really know, have access to the thoughts and truth behind everything that was made possible for us the viewers and readers. What better than the words of the people who saw everything come to life.

This book is 192 pages long, and I'm so glad I found it. Its incredible and a dream for fans as adoring of the books and show such as myself. I hope they do more of these books for the next set of seasons that come out, more nerding out over a fantasy based book brought to life and is any Game Of Thrones fans dream to know more about the creation of everything that happens. 


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