Thursday, 31 October 2013

Kindle Fourth Gen - The Pro's & Con's.

2007 saw the release of the Amazon kindle, a product used to purchase books online and read them via the kindle product, helping those to purchase books quickly for cheaper than average book price, when they wanted them as well as saving space in bags and rooms for when people wanted a series of books to read.

I own a fourth gen Kindle, being able to take a slim line Kindle and put it in my bag rather than a bulk of books to read on many of train journeys has come in handy. It's just as easy as a reading a book and has become a popular device for people of this day and age to own one.

I wanted to do a pro and con of the Kindle, it seems like not many people understand the difference or whether its worth it, I'll be basing this off the 4th gen.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry around, handy for travelling.
  • Gives the option to change text font and size, those who find it a struggle to read small writing will have this as an advantage.
  • Battery life of a month and fully charges in 3 hours using the USB.
  • No glare even when reading in sunlight.
  • Built in Wi-Fi.
  • Bookmarks and annotations option - perfect for students.
  • Percentage mark of how far you've got through the book including next chapter lines.

  • Difficult to read at night due to its screen having no light resembling a book meaning having to purchase the extra LED attachment.
  • 167 Pixels per inch compared to newer Kindle's 212.
  • Adapter sold separately, can only be charged using USB cable.
  • On screen keyboard - particularly a pain when searching for specific books, takes time and patience.
  • Doesn't feel the same as a book, gives you less motivation to read.

It may be just me, but I find it very difficult to read off the kindle some days, I feel I'm forcing myself into reading even the most gripping of books. It doesn't feel the same pressing a button to turn a page and I find myself pressing the previous page button rather than the next getting me lost in my own book. It doesn't have that particular 'new book smell' which every avid reader tends to love. Recently purchasing the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' books, I find myself much more motivated to read the books than I do reading the kindle. But I guess it depends on the person.

I cant deny that my Kindle doesn't help, it's a great product and I would recommend people take a look at other Kindle's that may be a little more expensive than the £70 fourth gen, books can be bought for a little cheaper than they can on hardback, but I personally prefer having the book in my hands being able to place a bookmark inside it before finally placing it against a library of finished books rather than an easily forgotten list. I'm all for the kindle, but I prefer books.

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