Monday, 21 October 2013

Musician Recommendation - Sam Martin

It's not often I'd spontaneously write about a musician that I enjoyed simply because of how lovely they are in person, it would be biased if they was a friend so I tend to avoid things like this. However Sam Martin is more of an associate of mine and someone who's voice I instantaneously fell in love with.

I'd first heard Sam perform when he was in college, after going to support my best friend at 'The Venew' in Leamington I ended up staying after his bands performance to hear the rest of his friends from college perform. (It's polite!)

Although I don't remember much about this first gig because it was so long ago, I do remember the entire crowd was silent throughout Sams solo performance. He has such a captivating voice and I adored it instantly. Although his set was only short and I didn't get to speak to him (Clearly too popular!) I remember really appreciating his voice that night, it truly was unique.

It was back in May 2013 when I actually spoke to Sam, I bumped into him at LAMP in Leamington where two of my friends were performing that evening (It was my best friends first time performing a vocal piece and one of my favourite songs, he did amazing!) but I wasn't aware Sam was also, he performed his own music off his first EP - 'Waters' and once again complete silence from a one of a kind voice. 

My favourite part about Sams performance that evening? Was an incredible cover of a musician I thought no one else had heard of, Matt Corby. Matt Corbys voice can be both very soothing and powerful, with notes that many couldn't imagine reaching or even attempting, Sam however did it incredibly and with justice, good Corby covers are a rare find. It was truly spectacular.

I unfortunately know very little about Sam, but I'm aware he's dedicated to his music, and will clearly go very far if music is the path he chooses to take for his future career. Hopefully, being friends of friends I'll get to bump into him now and then when he isn't performing and appreciate the same kindness he showed me at gigs outside of them.

When speaking to him telling him I enjoyed his music and wanted to hear more, he gave potentially the sweetest and most genuinely thankful reply I'd ever heard and it amazed me, he's truly a gentleman and so polite to everyone he connects with, whether through social media or face to face. I've met musicians who know they're good and brush off compliments with a simple "Thanks!" yet I don't believe he appreciates himself as a musician quite yet, unaware of the impact his music may of had or will have on others. He truly appreciates the people who take the time out of their day to tell him and it's clear it means a lot to him. I feel like the best thing I could do is recommend his music to anyone who reads this!

Sam Martin - 'The Light Home':

I'd love to be able to describe his voice, but it ranges from acoustic to blues and I simply can't find a way to describe it in a way that would show his vocal ability. All I can recommend is to find out where he's performing next and to go see him perform live. A genuinely lovely guy who's so talented and is happy to be able to perform to people. I'm looking forward to hearing an album! 

If I could do one thing for him it would be to introduce others to his music, so it would be awesome if you could give his stuff a listen and keep up to date with him on his facebook fan page!

Sam Martin's Website - Click Here
Sam Martin's Youtube - Click here
Sam Martin's Facebook - Click here
Sam Martin's Soundcloud - Click here

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