Sunday, 1 December 2013

Christmas Gift Guide - Shopping For Women

We all know Christmas is stressful, the second it hits November everyone begins to get in a panic to get in that early Christmas shop for the best deals before everything goes out of stock, Christmas markets become a thing and every store's queue lines stretch further than grandma's tights. 

I personally find shopping for others incredibly stressful and end up leaving it to the last minute. I make it harder for myself by not even bothering asking because then it 'ruins the surprise' so then I have no idea anyway! I tend to shop by what I know about people which of course by Christmas time is nothing at all because you just have no idea. Plus finding something that will come in use is incredibly hard! 

I find women difficult to shop for and have come up with some of my favourite gift ideas and reasons behind them to help you for Christmas!

Christmas gifts for Women/Mum

  • Chocolates and chocolates with alcohol - "It's Christmas, you're more than allowed to get tipsy". Chocolates with alcohol flavours and truffle selections are a personal favourite of mine, they're inexpensive and its pretty typical but nevertheless perfectly acceptable for at least one gift to be edible. Thorntons usually has something exactly what you're looking for! 

  • Perfume - Given a good search around, there's actually a lot of perfume stores which do great deals for Christmas time, 2/3 perfumes for £30? Excellent! Saves spending £40 on a single bottle and gives them a selection to last for a few months. 

  • Make up sets - Guys this may be a little difficult because of not understanding the importance of 'brand' (I don't either, don't worry) but I suggest purchasing new make up brushes or a fancy make up box to help store all the make up that clutters up the bathroom windowsill or where there's no longer room along a dresser. 

  • Jewellery or jewellery stands/boxes - Women love a bit of jewellery, fancy bracelets or simple rings along with the thoughtful locket here and there but if that persons jewellery collection is becoming excessive? A new jewellery stand or box can also be incredibly thoughtful! Amazon does a fantastic variety of jewellery trees and items to place and keep that jewellery safe!

  • Note/diary/address books - If the woman you're shopping for is usually quite well organised then a new organising book for the new year may be a handy and well used gift! You can also personalise these yourself with a friendly note in the back and printed photo for the front!

  • DVD boxset / CD's - I don't know any woman over 30 that would rather download and have music, films and TV shows available on their computer/laptop than have them to hold in their hands and put amongst that bookshelf or CD stand along with the albums and DVD's they've accumulated over the years and love going back to re-watch whenever they fancy. Sometimes what they've already seen and heard can become nostalgic for them and they'll re-watch over and over because its theirs to enjoy. 

  • Canvas - From personal experience, we LOVE redecorating, simply because we get bored of old photos and colour schemes and want to update with new ones! A favourite photo printed onto a medium sized canvas or 2/4 smaller ones may be another perfect idea! Whether its a favourite landscape or family photo, canvas' are a go to for gifts!

  • Kindle - Women who travel a lot or those who find themselves constantly on the move will love a Kindle, being able to take around a 'fit in the bag' item to read the latest novel (or 10) that they want without carrying a heavy book that takes up 3 quarters of their handbag space will be really useful! 

  • Anything you make! - Me personally, I enjoy gifts that have been made handmade and are personal, something like a photo album with memories including quotes and things that happened written beside or underneath that I can look back on would mean 10x more than something overpriced! So maybe something similar will be perfect for the person you're looking for ideas for?

I hope some of these ideas helped for those who have no idea what to get when it comes down to wanting to purchase extra gifts to make Christmas that little bit more special & personal! I'd do a 'Christmas gift guide - shopping for men', but in all honestly I never know what men want! Best just to ask.

Happy shopping!