Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick - Wine 107

I've always been tempted to wear lipstick but I always managed to scare away from them in fear that it wouldn't suit me and the fact that I felt very unconfident, but with a couple of pushes, admiring those who could pull it off and reading a few reviews myself I decided I'd go purchase one.

I knew initially that I wanted to go for a red, I know I'm way too pale for a purple or black lipstick to suit me personally and I would of found no point in buying a pink lipstick when my lips are already quite a deep pink colour, make up is not my forte so walking into a store to be faced with 100's of different lipsticks and colours makes me indecisive, from reviews I'd seen before I went straight to Rimmels Kate Moss selection.

Personally, I'm not a fan of shiny lipsticks with a glossy finish,so I ruled out Kate Moss' lasting finish and Spring collection products to be left with the Matte collection, which also helped me with my choice down to their being 5 colour options available, 101- Soft Pink, 107 - Wine, 110 - Vibrant Coral, 111 - Kiss Of Life and 113 - Beige. The coral looked a little too orange for me and the 'Kiss Of Life' was quite bright so I ended up going for the wine. 

The wine is a really great colour, there's a slight purple feel to it when looking at the lipstick itself, but it does go on really smoothly and in that deep wine colour it claims to be. I do feel that a lot needs to be patted off after applying to avoid it coming off easily when eating/drinking and there's a slight smell to the lipstick however its not foul. After hours of wearing and it losing its colour it doesn't look odd but rather a natural lip colour despite not being.  

I bought mine from boots, at a cheap price of just £5.49, with a bit more confidence I'll be wearing it more often and I would definitely buy it again. 5/5!

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