Friday, 28 March 2014

Die Tryin Clothing - Breaking Bad T-shirt

I'd searched desperately looking amongst Amazon in both Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad clothing categories for a new shirt down to recently sorting out my wardrobe, ridding myself of clothes I'd held on to for many of years for no particular reason. I came across seller 'Die Tryin Clothing', a seller of shirts for an almost questionably cheap price with a print of Breaking Bads Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) with a title 'Bitch' one of his easily favourable quotes from the series.

After purchasing it for £6.90 with a £1.90 price delivery, I was hoping it would arrive sooner than its approximated arrival date (a week-week and a half after purchasing) It was shipped the day after purchasing and actually arrived within 3 working days, which I was more than happy about.

The shirts print itself was of an excellent quality which is way better than I was expecting down to the considerably cheap price. I would usually buy medium size shirts, I like a little extra room and sometimes shirts come smaller than expected, this also wasn't a shirt specified for males or females, so a usual Medium was going to be the best choice. 

Putting on the shirt I found no problems whatsoever, it's 100% soft cotton and super comfy! Had that little extra room that I liked, so I had no worries about writing a review for others to buy larger than they needed which was fortunate and would purchase from the seller again if their other shirts were to my particular taste.

5/5 - Click here to open the store and browse for yourself!