Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Custom Made Seananners T-shirt, Spreadshirt

If you're following my blogger, you already know I'm a huge fan of Adam Montoya (Youtube name - Seananners) This man is my absolute hero, with daily 2-4 minute videos of him playing video games with friends, making me laugh just by hearing his!

I've been a fan for so long now, and I never fail to keep up to date with his life via social media whether it be his facebook page, twitter or instagram. His wonderful girlfriend Cathy (Catabot) is also another incredible human being that I enjoy keeping up to date with, and just recently she posted a photo of the wondrous nannerman on her instagram with the caption 'Guess who is pet sitting tonight! :D #totesadorable' (Photo to the right)

I completely fell in love with this picture instantly, and showed my friend who originally introduced me to Montoya. Desperately wanting it on a t-shirt to proudly wear wherever I go, my friend being the absolute babe he is, helped me out! Cut out all the background and left me with a simple design, and put it together on spreadshirt for me with the link, said "There you go! choose a size and shirt style!" boom. DONE!

Payday came, I bought this shirt. It was a treat to myself for working my ass off recently! Plus I already have all the Seananners merch (He definitely needs to make more designs!) so this felt like it was my very own that no one else was ever going to have, made it feel 100x better when it finally arrived!

I've never used spreadshirt before, so the quick arrival of this shirt made me more than willing to want to use the site again to get more of my favourite youtubers and own designs on a shirt, especially when it arrived so crisp and clean! I'm already planning on getting the baby SeaNanners from the animated 'More Watermelons Less Crack' video, as it's my absolute favourite and completely adorable!

Adam, I thank you for making everyday one in which I can laugh for 3 minutes straight, even if I've watched the video 10 times before, they never fail to make my day. 


The shirt! I adore it!


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