Sunday, 10 August 2014

Game of Thrones Coasters

As someone who's a huge fan of simplicity in rooms, details in the items I use around the house are important, you can tell a lot about a person by their house and/or their bedroom. Me? I like neutral colours, plain and simple, with a couple of photos and plants here and there. 

Something I needed was drinks coasters! I can't have mug marks on a clean white wooden side table! No no no no no...!

Etsy was my savior, it's full of unique and wonderful crafts, my favourite website ever! I was looking for something to do with any of my favourite TV shows (preferably something to do with Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad or Sons of Anarchy!) but something that wasn't going to cost me a fortune (I did come across some fantastic leather AND stainless steel coasters with house sigils in them, but way too expensive) before I came across these beauties!

I bought them from 'UnofficiallyOriginal'. There was an option of 3 coasters in this set, Direwolf Stark 'Winter lager', Lannister Golden Lion 'blonde ale' or Baratheon black stag! They're £2 each and excellent! They're very clear and perfect size for even my bigger mugs (not to mention large pint glasses! winner!) 

Something that's a pro to these coasters are the fact that the clear sides are actually slightly raised, meaning any liquid whether it be a full cup that slightly spills over when the mugs put down, or the cold droplets from an ice cold glass that trickle down, are going to be caught on the coaster, rather than trickling off of it. My hands are very shakey, so this is a massive bonus for me, forever spilling my drink when I put it back down!

The shop owner was incredibly polite, I bought another item from his store (He sells badges, keyfobs, fridge magnets, charms, coasters and more!) in which the etsy store wasn't putting together, meaning it made me pay for p+p twice! I messaged him and he replied very quickly ensuring that he would refund my second p+p payment and ensure that the 3 items were sent together. Fantastic service! Would recommend!

5/5! Buy Game Of Thrones Coasters - Click Here!

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