Thursday, 4 September 2014

Hair Care Using Grapeseed Oil

I don't have the most beautiful hair in the world, I've been trying to grow it out for years as well as switching from product to product to keep it in good condition, I cut down on how much I was dying it a few years ago (Honestly, right now I have blonde bleached in underneath my fringe and just underneath the sides of my hair in front of my ears to keep it looking even, that was bleached in during May, since then I haven't done my roots, it's not great!) plus with naturally medium thick and wavey hair it becomes difficult to maintain when it looks ridiculous at a short length.

Previously I wrote a post about the Aussie hair care products, which are still very much in use! Just they thin my hair out a little too much on some days. I cut my split ends myself and use any shampoo that offers split end treatment with a little conditioner at the ends, it smooths it out for 2 or 3 days before needing it done all over again. Which of course becomes a task.

One thing I started late last year and have continued doing, is using Grapeseed oil. A natural massage oil in which I bought off Amazon for a cheap £4-£5, I'd heard grapeseed oil was good for helping hair grow and I wanted some oil anyway that wasn't going to cost me around £15 (Seriously! It's so expensive for just a small bottle, ridiculous!) So once every month or two, I grab the grapeseed oil and apply it to my hair.

Not a lot! I massage a small amount into different areas of my hair and try and evenly spread it out, okay so it feels a little gross having an oil based head of hair, but it's totally worth it! I sit with it in my hair for an evening, 3-4 hours, sometimes overnight if I don't mind sleeping with it in before thoroughly washing it out! 

A bit of my normal Shampoo and conditioner to bring out that extra care, it really works a treat. I can dry my hair as fast as normal with no greasy feel at the end of it, it softens my hair for weeks and breaks off any split ends or flyaway hairs AND takes care of my scalp. Leaving my hair feeling fantastic. I know there's many other oils in 1 litre bottles on Amazon, I've been meaning to try the almond oil to see how that goes, but it's truly my favourite way of treating my hair after using heat and dyes leaving it genuinely shiny! I absolutely recommend using oil as a hair treatment once in a while, works wonders!

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