Monday, 1 September 2014

The Right Decision Is Your Decision.

Sometimes there will be a time in which you have to pick between one thing or another, these options may be something fun or something to do with your future, they can be as simple as choosing between a home made chicken ceaser salad and an ordered in Dominos pizza. 

No matter who you are where you are there's something in us that says "head or heart", maybe in a scenario where deciding between foods is the challenge down to wanting a health kick, is it okay to choose Dominos one day even though you might regret it the next? It's you'e decision! No one elses. Of course your decision effects you, but whichever one you pick is surely right, even when people think you're wrong, right?

Trying to think about my future and where I want to be in a month-3 months time, today I had colleagues slate me throughout the day telling me that I had been a let down to my team as social rep for not attending the last two socials, the first at a club with other members of staff, have to be in the next day (me included) so I decided the smartest decision for someone who's in at 9 the next morning should give it a miss, okay so I'm sure it'll be fun, but even going for an hour means dressing up to not look completely mismatched compared to my team and to leave almost if not exactly as sober as I would of been when I walked in. The second event is staying over at my work (a not quite sober but no customers around sleepover if you must) in which £10 (Nearly two hours work) is required to work, plus then purchasing from the bar and buying food. It doesn't sound that great to me.

Maybe I'm just boring, but my last ever social at work being at work really doesnt sound that fantastic. I'm probably tight not wanting to spend money to stay either, but I've worked there since May, part of me feels like I shouldn't have to with the amount myself and other members of staff have done (incredibly understaffed) for the company. I'm tired of the place in all honesty. I'm also going to London this month, I would much rather spend the £10 in London with someone I adore having fun than spend £10 to go to work, it costs me enough to get there!

All in all, ignorance is sometimes bliss, there's about 3/4 team members I actually genuinely wouldn't mind keeping in contact with, but the rest are the people who don't understand that I would rather be where I want to be with someone I want to spend time with than somewhere I always am where I'm consistently stressed. Maybe in 10 years I'll think back and say I wish I would of gone, and part of me wishes of course that I could do both, but I had to pick between two, and the right decision is my decision, as your decision is the right decision, whether people like it or not.

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