Saturday, 11 October 2014

Lee Evans - Monsters

Back in February I saw that Lee Evans was going on tour again! I have Evans' boxset (That I lent to a friend who has no idea where it's gone unfortunately.) He's a fantastic comedian that I've watched so many times I can repeat his jokes off by heart.

When I first met my close friend nearly 4 years ago, we spent a long time watching Lee Evans DVD's together! So I felt like it was only right that together we went for our birthdays since they're so close together.

Buying the tickets back in February and receiving them about a month before the date, I was completely over the moon with excitement that my first comedy gig would be with my best friend AND with one of my all time favourite comedians too.

We arrived at Manchester phones4u arena at around half 7 to find our seats, grabbing a couple of drinks and finding the loo's among the enormous arena before the show started. Evans came onto the stage and immediately within seconds the crowd was laughing, curious as to why he was holding on to the microphone stand still before mentioning how it 'is Manchester on a Friday night'.

The set lasted around 2 hours with a supposed 10 minute break that turned into 30 minutes, however my jaw hurt so bad from smiling I needed the break! His routine equally as hilarious as his other tours was such a fantastic thing to see, that Lee hadn't lost his touch since having a short break from his last tour.

My only regret was seeing people leave early, the show started around 8 and did overrun on time for a bit, but knowing that some people were leaving specifically to miss the hectic traffic that would come after the show knowing it was near its end was a shame. However, they missed out on Lee's Queen rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody!

Lee finished the show as always talking about his wife and how much he adores her, something that makes me adore him as a comedian is the love he has for his fans and family, always thanking them, he finished with a song for her (since they've been married 30 years!) in a sparkling silver suit jacket. After finishing the performance and saying goodbye he remembered a request from a member of the audience and said he couldn't go without doing his last piece, the bohemian rhapsody performance; and so he did!

The crowd, myself and my friend sang it at the top of our lungs with Lee performing and there was so much laughter at his work, I'm so glad I got to see Lee Evans live, but seeing him perform one of his most loved pieces of work was wonderful. I plan on seeing Lee Evans again in the future as well as many other comedians! 

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