Friday, 25 July 2014

New Found Confidence - A Walk Around Hollingworth Lake

I wrote about this place in January, but it is literally my favourite place in the world and I recently took another couple of trips around there, so here we are again! Me, talking about a place I can only dream of being close to my future home.

Theres no doubting that this place means a lot to me, where I'm from beautiful places are quite a rare find, I don't live in a slum town as such, it can look quite nice in the Summer when the flowers are in bloom and the weather makes the people happy, but it's got nothing on Hollingworth Lake's tranquil beauty. Theres just something about it that makes me happy.

I walked around there with my friend Lewis for the first time about 2 years ago after begging the previous year of asking him it had rained on every occasion I'd seen him meaning we couldn't go... he now takes me there every time I visit! I'm pretty certain he knows how much I love being there. There's no lakes where I'm from, merely dirty canal water (when he visited he saw the difference, pieces of chicken and the odd shoe floating down the canal, what a way to impress someone!) So it's pretty obvious how much this place means to me. 

I drag him there so often, we walk around the Lake up until the small shop where we get something to eat/drink and just generally chat, it really means a\ lot to me, I think being from the midlands I was meant to be a Northerner, if not I am one at heart! After something to eat (usually a cracking bacon sandwich) we continue our walk to a bench a bit further down with an incredible view, passing many people on the way friendly enough to say good morning, and a million and one absoloutely soaking wet dogs who have just been for a dip in the lake chasing around the others, I can't even describe how many times I spoke to the people of Littleborough about how beautiful their dogs were on just one day alone! I can sit down there and say nothing and feel entirely complete, peaceful and happy not to mention with someone I consider a best friend, the lake is my favourite. 

Just recently I finally found a bit more happiness in myself, and in doing so I found some confidence that had been completely hidden the past 3 years, when Lewis heads off into work during the day I used to feel nervous about being in a part of Manchester that although I knew, didn't feel confident enough to venture out into alone. 

During an incredible ale trail I met and hung out with some of Lewis' friends who were kind enough to let me tag along an all guys ale trail and all be very accepting of me and my 'Southern self' immediately. The day after we headed down to the beach to cure our hangovers with of course, more alcohol and some excellent food! We met up with people I'd met before, but again wasn't confident enough to chat with, until that day. An incredibly lovely lass I'd met previously named Minnie started chatting to me and I instantly clicked with her, again a friend of Lew's but I truly found a friend in her that day and I wanted to hug her for making me feel so welcomed.

Its from this weekend that I found the confidence to go out without Lewis, Minnie wanted to hang out with me but ended up working and so I went to the lake alone. This sounds incredibly odd, but wanting to live here this was something I felt like was going to be the hardest part about a move... not being around people I knew and being in a whole new place. My usual worries about getting lost or feeling scared had completely vanished and I spent the day in a world of my own with no cares or worries in the world! Greeting people and sparking conversation in everyone who was awake and wondering at 9 in the morning!

Man I love this place.