Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Leeds & Reading Festival.

Ahh yes,
We’ve announced your favourites! Let me entice you with a band you have tattooed on you (Mumford & Sons), followed by a band you’ve got really into the past year and are desperate to see (Manchester Orchestra). Not forgetting a band your boyfriend has made you listen to on repeat for days on end (Royal Blood) with two of your old favourites (Jamie T & Deadmau5).
Oh and by the way? You can’t go.
The last (and first) festival I went to was Wakestock back in 2012. Man8-7-2012 (10)that was a harsh first festival. A months worth of rain on our first night? It was truly painful, all of our stuff got soaked and I stupidly didn’t take wellies. Thigh deep in mud I still enjoyed my weekend! Luckily my best friend was with me and hes a regular Wales visitor, we went back to a campsite he practically lives at during his summers and we was one of the lucky few who got hot showers, and a decent nights kip.
Unfortunately, festivals land on my mothers birthday. August 30th.
Now, moving out was obviously hard for her, and obviously moving over 100 miles away, she’s going to want to see me for her birthday, especially this year. So I can’t go.
Now that the full line-up has been announced, I think I was more mad about not being able to go last year. My boyfriend had visited like the week before and about two weeks later I was going to see him, so I couldn’t get the time off whatsoever at all. I missed out on seeing blink182.
The year before I couldn’t afford it since I’d just finished sixth form. I missed Biffy Clyro, System of a Down and Eminem? I always miss amazing years.
Hopefully, I’ll get to go next year.
HOPEFULLY, I’ll get to go to 101 different gigs during this year to make up for not going to a music festival, my boyfriend is a huge gig guy with pretty much the same music taste as me. (#Lucky) So that’s awesome and beneficial!
Sucks that I can’t go this year though!

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Should I Have A Bucketlist?

There are so many people who I see publish or write things they want to do before they die, their ultimate bucketlist. A wishlist of travel and activities they see as an important way to live happily and fulfill their lifelong dreams. I’ve tried to write a couple before, but I get stuck!
It’s kind of a weird prospect, discussing the things you want to do before you croak, what if you don’t do those things? Are you less likely to feel like you had a decent life? Then comes the whole will I be able to care after death because will I be reborn, go to heaven/hell or be nothing and just gone discussion. Which is always a fun topic after a few drinks.
Do people just write one long list or do they categorise it? Like; Celebrities I’d like to meet, Places I want to visit…ect.
I’ve never been a big fan of adrenaline rushes, in all honesty they make me feel a little bit sick, going high on swings is enough for me! But, the rush of being in the middle of the barely explored ocean with some of the worlds biggest and baddest sharks with nothing but bars keeping me from being chomped? Yes, stuff like that would definitely go on my bucketlist!
Travelling the world is another example of bucketlist items, usually specific countries. I could list so many different places I want to go, but that would be boring when idealistically, I just really want to travel everywhere, my best friends parents did that and they have so many cool stories that entice people for hours. I want to be able to tell my future kids about the time I went to a nude cafe with friendly snakes or something ridiculous, and finished off my evening by watching bears fight underneath the Northern Lights.
Big sports events? Definitely. I’m not exactly a huge sports fan, I don’t dedicate my life to adding up football points, but I love the big events, the world comes together for things like that, the Olympics, the World Cup, The Superbowl? UGH. Heck yes. I want that more than anything, to be with a thousand people watching an event that will be remembered for god knows how long, and of course to buy the ridiculously overpriced Nachos and cokes twice the side of my head.
Music wise? Everything. I just want to do everything. I want to learn so many different instruments and learn how to read music. To go to so many music concerts and festivals seeing my favourite bands and solo artists do their thing, listen live to what I love to listen to every single day? Of course I want that. I want to go to Madame Tussauds and get photos with my favourites (since lets face it, it’s going to be a bit difficult getting selfies with the greats like Michael Jackson). I want to go to museums and see the most famous musicians first guitars and guitar picks. Their go to outfits?
I would LOVE to go see the Game of Thrones exhibition, tour the Warner Brothers studios, see myself in Diagon Alley buying my first wand and drinking butterbeer. I want to go to rainforests and go to them bars underneath waterfalls. I want to be remembered as a good person, someone who not only looks out for their community but cares for others, I want to run a marathon dressed as something ridiculous or hilarious.
I want to be able to document it all in photos and journals, and say “Look kids! Look what I did there, I’ll help you do that and we’ll have experiences together too!” That’s the person I want to be.
What’s unique to you on your bucketlist?

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

50 Shades Of STOP.

If this post could be a page full of ‘UGHHH’ then that's what it would be.
I’ve been very frustrated with this whole ’50 shades’ business, or travesty, whichever you see it as.
E.L.James, the author of the 50 Shades book franchise has done what absolutely no one thought could happen, and that's make the Twilight films look like an actual love story. No, really. I had a debate with housemates and friends (all guys) who’ve said upon watching Twilight, it’s actually an alright film compared to what they’ve heard/read and seen of 50 shades of grey, and I completely agree with them.
Now, it’s all well and good me sat behind a screen, going off others opinions since I haven't seen the film…but here’s why…because I read ALL THREE of the books, and they were terrible. The first one was a repeated story of a guy that becomes obsessed with an innocent lip biting every 3 pages student whom he grooms with a car, laptop, phone and gym membership with a bossy attitude and a cold hearted “Don’t touch me or I’ll get angry at you” attitude that quite frankly, no one really wants in their lives.
Because the franchise became so popular for no damn reason? I carried on reading, hoping for something good. A scene that I could put my glasses on top of and appreciate as a good piece of writing even for just 10 seconds, but nothing. I mean, okay by the end of the second book there’s actually kind of a plot and somewhat story line to where this is all going rather than “Oooh Mr Grey lets email and have missionary sex in different rooms for 400 pages” “Okay but make sure you give me permission with paperwork first since I’m a business man not a pleasure man” The third book actually improved, especially with its writing but it’s still pretty damn awful, just less ‘room of pain’ and more of a moving flowing story.
BUT, I hear the author would barely let anything be changed for the film adaption, even the writing, thus…refusing to pay £20 with someone to go see what I can only imagine I’ll end up walking out of.
Now, I’m not really a Feminist, in fact I’m probably far from it. I believe in equality of sexes but none of this women should overpower men thing. I’m not one of those people who accuses the film of it being rape with consent. The whole BDSM lifestyle is for both men and women, there are male and female dominatrix’s out there, there’s no reason for it to become a sexist thing, but the way it’s written and most likely shown? There’s no wonder the ‘feminazi’s’ are going nuts about it.
Truth be told, I think the book could be great, if it was written well. I think the movies with the right actors and directors yada yada…could be pretty intense. Instead I see a book which everyone I know who read it said it was a flop, and thus me getting angry towards those who STILL went to see it, to then come out and say “Waste of time, waste of money”. It angers me.
Truthfully, why would you go to the cinema to watch softened down porn for £20 without all the exciting bits? Surely watching 50 shades is like watching the bits you would usually skip right? C’mon now…there’s no harm or shame in watching porn, and the wonderful thing about it? It’s FREE and includes all the fun bits.
Not to mention the entire 50 shades sex pieces are essentially foreplay and missionary sex, just in different rooms on different things, so WHY can people walk into the cinema with no shame to see a film adaption of a book that is known for mostly sex and the odd bit of BDSM, but be too afraid to admit they watch porn? Especially with women. Why should a women have to feel ashamed to watch porn? Why should she feel the need to read it or go to the cinema with girlfriends to admit they like sex, they like porn. They shouldn’t, right? Men don’t care if we watch porn. I just don’t understand the need to watch something so ‘vanilla’ and awful for so much when I could have a better night with snacks and my boyfriend.
Too much? Too far?
50 Shades Of Stop Justifying That Book/Film.
50 Shades Of Because You All Went To See It They’re Going To Make Another, Great.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Valentines BAE.

I’ve never really been one for relationships, not that I’ve never liked them and thought less of those who did? I just never really had them. The one memorable one I did have lasted about 8-9 months and then I kind of realised I was 14 and should get on with my education (in harsh reality terms anyway) plus personal life problems and realising I just wanted to spend time with friends rather than ‘make out’.
I met my now boyfriend at 16 and liked him pretty much straight away, I was in my final few months of school and he was 18, I had a strange attraction to him and despite him living 140 miles away, I traveled to go see him about 3 weeks after we first spoke online. I moved in with him last year the week of my 20th birthday and now we’re in what I would say is a very happy relationship, thus meaning…my/our first ever valentines day. Ew.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve always stuck to my guns with this “Ew Valentines, consumerism bullshit” That kind of thing… I figured though, I really like this guy enough to want to create fond memories with him. He’s exactly like me in terms of not being arsed whatsoever with Valentines day, yet there’s no harm in at least getting him a card to show him I care, right? So I did! It’s not like we said ‘Lets book a table somewhere expensive, drink bitter alcohol that neither of us like very much and throw petals across the floor that in all honesty, will probably get hoovered up‘.
So a card was a kind gesture of love and appreciation without the expense!
I got him an adorable little card off Etsy that I knew he’d love. He loves the whole ‘zombie apocalypse’ thing (It’s gonna happen one day!), talking about our zombie action plan and being prepared with weapons like baseball bats and Katanas. It’s actually kind of adorable, and so I got him a card with a zombie on the front with the words “My zombie plan has been rewritten to include you
That’s love right there…
He…thought about getting me a card…two or three times! Then forgot to get one until it was too late to get one that was humorous or to do with something I approved of. I’m not one for the big red cards that have love hearts and flowers on, so I wasn’t arsed and said not to worry! We ended up showing each other the selection of cards we looked at for each other online, hilarious ones like a drawing of a bed suggesting I take up all the room (I kind of do) or ones that say ‘Your butt…I like that shit’, and to be honest, I liked that! It was quite funny seeing how well we knew each other just through cards.
Anyway! afterwards during conversations, he said he wanted to get me flowers instead but didn’t know if I’d be okay with that (since flowers are REALLY expensive.)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Now, I’ve never had anyone give me flowers before, and I’m someone who doesn’t really get a kick out of their partner buying them loads of stuff and especially not expensive stuff. Unless I can give back, but I agreed he could get me flowers, because I really love them!
He ended up coming home with a HUGE bouquet of flowers. He’s a bit of an outdoors enthusiast deep down, and actually picked the carnations himself, they asked him what colours I liked and he knew, whites, blacks, reds and greys, I’m quite boring colour-wise really! The bouquet he bought back had some really beautiful red and white roses, daisies, carnations…all sorts in one beautiful bunch!
They’re so beautiful, I’m going to be a so heartbroken when they die! First flowers ever bought for me was a bouquet of them.
Man I love that guy.


Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Fat February

Usually, the start of the year is the time to set yourself a resolution of 'getting fit' for the new year, cutting down the carbs and getting to the gym.

Truthfully, I've never been one of those people, and I think the past week shows that...terribly well.

In 7 days, I had...

Fish & Chips (Takeaway)
Dominos Pizza (With Wedges and garlic bread)
Nandos. (Okay mostly for the mash potato and I only had 1/4 chicken...but still!)
Fish and Chips (Wetherspoons style)

Bacon roll (It was accompanied by a long walk though?)
& Macaroni cheese, which although cooked at home, has sooo much cheese in it.

I am officially a fat person!
Okay, it could be worse...I didn't snack through those days and I only eat a meal a day (yeah I'm terrible I know) but still!

Three cheers for fat years.

In all seriousness though, I can't let myself eat takeaway any longer, we nearly ended up getting a chinese in too and with beers on the side I am losing pounds from my pocket rather than my tum.

This week is STRICTLY. Home made cooking!

A lot of people say the best way to stick to that is to plan meals in advance, but how the hell do people do that?! I can understand doing two weeks to a months worth of food shopping...but planning what you want for tea a week in advance?! I'm not that kind of person. I can barely decide what I want on the day to be fair, I have to really want something or have something in. I can't go "Thursday is 3 days away and I'm going to want pasta bake, and then on Friday I'll have spaghetti bolognese"

Thats not how I work!

So hopefully, with a little determination, I'll be looking at a nice figure from eating so many fruits and vegetables I turn into one.

As a side note, I get incredibly frustrated with the fact that fruit and veg is so expensive.
I think that is pretty much everyones problem with weight issues as they get older, companies will make meals for you and then freeze them in a box, thats £2. A freshly cooked meal of the same sort can cost around £6.

Example: Spaghetti and meatballs

Frozen meal: 

£1.50 - £2.00

Home cooked: 

Spaghetti - £1.00
Spaghetti/Pasta Sauce - £1.50

Meat - £4.00
Total - £6.50

Thats a crazy amount for one meal that you have to find the time to cook! 

But anyway, I shall no longer continue the madness that is Fat February and finally turn it into something positive! Fit February!

Monday, 2 February 2015

Song Of The Month - February


It's all been a bit hectic with blink182 recently (check my blink post here!) but as always, they are forever my favourite band in the entire world. I love them dubious amounts and despite a few band differences, the fans will always be fans of blink. 

Thats why they are my song of the month this February!
The first blink song I ever listened to out of my own general choice was Stockholm Syndrome, my favourite song ever is I'm lost without you. BUT, since I always accomodate a video into these posts...this month I'm posting First Date.

I love boomer, and this video always has me in stitches.