Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Leeds & Reading Festival.

Ahh yes,
We’ve announced your favourites! Let me entice you with a band you have tattooed on you (Mumford & Sons), followed by a band you’ve got really into the past year and are desperate to see (Manchester Orchestra). Not forgetting a band your boyfriend has made you listen to on repeat for days on end (Royal Blood) with two of your old favourites (Jamie T & Deadmau5).
Oh and by the way? You can’t go.
The last (and first) festival I went to was Wakestock back in 2012. Man8-7-2012 (10)that was a harsh first festival. A months worth of rain on our first night? It was truly painful, all of our stuff got soaked and I stupidly didn’t take wellies. Thigh deep in mud I still enjoyed my weekend! Luckily my best friend was with me and hes a regular Wales visitor, we went back to a campsite he practically lives at during his summers and we was one of the lucky few who got hot showers, and a decent nights kip.
Unfortunately, festivals land on my mothers birthday. August 30th.
Now, moving out was obviously hard for her, and obviously moving over 100 miles away, she’s going to want to see me for her birthday, especially this year. So I can’t go.
Now that the full line-up has been announced, I think I was more mad about not being able to go last year. My boyfriend had visited like the week before and about two weeks later I was going to see him, so I couldn’t get the time off whatsoever at all. I missed out on seeing blink182.
The year before I couldn’t afford it since I’d just finished sixth form. I missed Biffy Clyro, System of a Down and Eminem? I always miss amazing years.
Hopefully, I’ll get to go next year.
HOPEFULLY, I’ll get to go to 101 different gigs during this year to make up for not going to a music festival, my boyfriend is a huge gig guy with pretty much the same music taste as me. (#Lucky) So that’s awesome and beneficial!
Sucks that I can’t go this year though!

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