Monday, 27 July 2015

Being Called 'Sister-In-Law' Without The Ring.

Good Morning!

I wanted to talk about something today that made me so incredibly happy!

(Nope, I'm not engaged - Just throwing that out there first!)

I work with my boyfriends brothers, which is pretty awesome.

My boyfriends brothers are team leaders and duty managers, so it's pretty awesome having two really close friends as your bosses that you actually get to hang out with and drink beers with and it not be really weird or considered 'wrong'.

My last job refused permission of any supervisor being in anyway friends with staff, supervisors and managers were not aloud to hang out with 'regular staff'. No, really. That was a rule. Unless our actual boss had organised the evening and those who were in work the next day didn't drink and we were monitored? It wasn't allowed. 

Not that we listened to the rules anyway, I ended up becoming really close friends with my Supervisor Hattie, who was the greatest worst influence I'd ever met. We all went to the pub 'just for a couple' one evening after work, we ended up drinking way too much wine (or at least I did) and I really jacked up my knee! Best supervisor ever. 

Point being!
It's super nice being able to hang out as co-workers rather than 'superiors'.

I ended up buying a drink after my shift and told my boyfriends brother to keep the change for himself! It wasn't much but at the end of the day it all adds up in the end!
He handed me my change and said "No you keep it! I'm not taking a tip off my sister in law!".

Bam. A small comment that lead to excitement and happiness, for me the most wonderful thing is being accepted into my boyfriends family, and all is well and good I know they like me! (I pestered my boyfriend after the first time I met his mom to ask her if she liked me) but I do know people who have been kind to their brothers/sisters partners because their sibling likes them, even when they don't! So it was a moment of pure joy that despite the long relationship yet only moving here in October? I'm liked enough to be referred to in a way that means theres a future for me in the family.


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