Friday, 24 July 2015

I Am Rubbish At Blogging -


I know that excuses are excuses but since my last post in April I got a job and then pretty much every piece of technology I own broke! Firstly and most importantly, the piece that I use to blog on - my laptop! So I've had no time or way to get anything done!

I've missed blogging and writing so much, but I didn't have the money to get my laptop fixed! Then some of my chargers for other items broke and my phone that was semi broken but still usable ended up completely dying on me from LITERALLY putting it on a table, I picked it back up and the screen was black.

Luckily (after a bit of a break down and woe is me) my boyfriend is awesome and stripped my laptop bare, swapped it back to an older version of windows and suddenly it actually started working, it only took about two days worth of updates.

I ended up buying a second hand mint condition iPhone 5 (best decision of my life because the only thing that was missing was that piece of plastic screen protector you end up peeling off anyway) so now the only thing that's broken is my Olympus camera. (that I bought to start up vlogging and never did from being afraid I wasn't interesting enough :')) Oh, not to mention the fact I've only used it once! Yet it doesn't work, so at least it isn't a complete disaster!

I'm soooo excited to start writing again because I have loads to post!

I'm back!

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