Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The Best Cookie/Sweet Jar, EVER.

I got back home from house sitting a couple of days ago, it was incredible having two weeks in a house of my own with my boyfriend. It was like a test run of how things would be when we get our own place. It went so well it was unreal!

We was house-sitting for Lewis' brother and wife who (lucky buggers) went to Jamaica for two weeks! Before they did though, we had a quick house tour.

"Press on button for TV to come on"
"Turn handle for water to proceed out of taps"
"This is the oven. Press, twist and FIYA"

Like that ^

The one thing that was shown to me though?
(In which my eyes lit up and sparkled like some kind of anime cartoon)
Was a Jack Skellington cookie jar!

Like me, it was for a sweet lover rather than a chocolate lover. It took every part of me to not demolish the entire jar for the duration of my stay! There was tiny jelly babies, haribo hearts, jelly snakes, chocolate buttons.

I was over the moon!

I ended up searching for my own, desperate to have my own little collection for my sweet tooth, and ended up stumbling upon a RARE Crash Bandicoot (holding onto a rocket ship) cookie jar! It was so awesome and I wanted it more than anything! However I couldn't justify paying £200 for a cookie jar because it was rare, so it was a no :(

I ended up finding an Adventure Time Jake cookie jar!
The reviews put me off a little bit, a couple said it was smaller than expected so I expected to be a little disappointed when it arrived but I bought it knowing I didn't want a bog standard polka dot jar with the word 'cookies' on it. It's perfect!

It came in the most MATHEMATICAL box!
It was so colourful and the top of the box had nothing but Finns smiling face on it! I was over the moon!

Because of the shape there's plenty of room at the bottom of jake and to be quite honest I think it's perfect for me! I love sweets but I dont plan on eating so many that my teeth fall out. It's perfect and I love it!

(Cartoon Network/Adventure Time shop also do a Lumpy Space Princess version, say whaaa?!)


Just look at how cool he is!
(Obviously, the sweets weren't included! I filled it up today!)
He opens at the top, the lid being his head and it has a nice rubber band around the ceramic top that makes it very easy to access the jar and put the lid back on without lots of clanging and banging! I am over the moon with this purchase!

Yay for geeky cookie jars!

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