Friday, 20 November 2015

What's In My Bag?

Well it must be an odd day if I'm happy to discuss what's in my bag.

Well because about 4 years ago, my best friend used to look at me in confusion over the fact the pockets of my jeans were enough for me! A wallet in my back pocket, iPod in my left, phone on my right and keys usually swung about in my hand! That's why the first day I ever decided to get (a very small) shoulder bag? She'd never been more proud of me!

I've come a long way since then, a small bag here and there before finally moving on to my first handbag, a purchase not even I could believe I made. Now? I have a 'proper' bag. A girly looking one too. Beige and large enough to fit everything a girl would ever need in there! So without due, here is what is in my handbag! 

Firstly? Obviously I have to show you what I carry everything around in, which is probably the most feminine accessory I've ever owned in my entire life. I bought it from Ebay not long ago! So Not only is it pretty fresh looking, but the contents of my bag are missing a couple of receipts and assorted wrappers, but I guess it makes me look a little more organised!

Now inside!

These are pretty much my bag must haves now! Everything in here is used pretty much on a daily basis, so they are my necessary bag requirements! Lets go into detail:

  • Firstly? My diary. I write down all of my appointments, work hours, breaks, day's off, birthdays you name it in here! I like to lead an organised life! It makes me feel somewhat in control!
  • A pen is also a must have for my bag, not only so that I can actually use my diary but so that I can also write down things I find like interesting shops or places I'd like to visit, it also comes in handy every time I get on a train, I quite enjoy doing the odd crossword!
  • My purse! Also new, I had the same one but in black until I bust it by filling my purse with too much change! Inside? I try not to keep coppers, I usually put my passport inside so that I know I have it on me at all times. I need to get myself a card wallet, I'm starting to overflow from being a committed shopper! I have an IKEA family card, Matalan Card, Nandos Rewards card...actually most of my cards are food related! It's frustrating trying to find them but reward points are fantastic. Save all the moola!
  • Passport - Obvious one, so when I get questioned on if I'm old enough to buy alcohol with my massive eyes and chubby cheeks playing a part on the whole baby-faced look, I can actually prove that my body is ready for the alcoholic beverages. Ya feel? No but really, I get questioned all the time on whether I'm old enough and I've been legal to drink for 3 years! It's a little bit heartbreaking when you get ID'd, but hey at least I'll be 'ite' when I'm in my 50's!
  • Hair Clip - Necessary! My hair needs to be up for work, so it's good to have something to clip it up rather than tie it, I hate the mark hair bobbles leave on your hair and it gives me a slight headache, so I keep one of these on me at all times! My one is actually broken, I've had three of these and he always manages to stand on them! Plus this one used to be perfect for my hair, but now I have a bit too much for it to hold.
  • Lighter - Nope! I don't smoke. Yet it seems to come in handy a lot! When people ask if you have a lighter? Yes, yes I do. Trying to light one of them tin BBQ's? I've got your back. A candle needs lighting? No worries! 

  • Name badge - I work. I have to wear one so that when people want to pretend they know me or demand something from me, they don't refer to me as "Oi, you".
  • Next? An abundance of coffee shop/cafe reward cards! I visit so many and always forget to get mine stamped. I end up collecting about four before I can finally get rid of them with a free coffee! But hey, can't complain, I love a good brew!
  • Keys! I think it's pretty obvious why I need these. Although I think I need one of those ginormous fluffy keyrings because I seem to be forever losing my keys at the bottom of my bag somewhere. On my keys I have a bottle opener, a Breaking Bad 'Los Pollos Hermanos' keyring which works as a bottle opener and nail clippers (best investment ever, search Etsy for one! They're mint) and a keyring reward card for Fayre & Square!
  • More keys? Eugh. I'm kidding, one of them is my work key! So I can clock on and off and use equipment. I always manage to lose this, that was until I got a pully keyring! So now I can clip it onto me and I just pull it when I need to use it, (best thing ever, also really fun)
  • iPod - Again, an obvious one, I love music. I like a lot of musicians and bands, I studied the damn subject for four years, it's part of my life. I always feel so lost when I have to go somewhere and I don't have some form of music to listen to. I have an iPod classic and it is probably the best thing I've ever received because it's never let me down! I have music on their that I wouldn't listen to today but used to love back in 2009! Of course it's staying in my bag!
  • Mascara - Possibly as far as I'd ever go with makeup except with a bit of lipstick on the rare and odd special occasion. Just to make my eyelashes look a little bit darker and less like I need to go back to bed. This one is called Sunkissed, I can't really tell you if the makeup brand is good or not, I can tell you that it does the job I need it to do!
  • Deodorant - I have perfumes and other sprays I would usually use, but when I'm out and about and need a little freshening up, I go for this soft and gentle lotus and watermelon spray! Mostly because 90% of my wardrobe is black and it doesn't leave nasty white marks on my clothes, and the smell is amazing!
Thats it!
That is everything that I take around with me daily (minus my phone which I keep in my pocket)

I hope you all enjoyed having a look inside my bag! 

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