Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Obsessed With Yankee!

It's no secret.
I am a home decor buff!

Everything and anything to do with home decor? I'm down. I love decorating, the work that goes into it, the before and after results. I love buying furnishings and making a room tie together, but mostly I love the home decor. I love going to other peoples houses and eyeing it all up, you can really tell people personalities and interests by what they decorate their home with, even if its just pictures!

I search Etsy far too often for home decor items, adding them to my collection of favourites that seems to be ever expanding. I like vases shaped like animals, dragon figurines and TV show themed placemats! I enjoy browsing for door knockers and gargoyles to put outdoor lamps in, plus all the swords in the world that I'd love to hang on my wall. That's my dream home!

One thing that I really adore though when I walk into someone's home? Is the smell.
I love walking into homes that smell of fresh linen and cotton, ones that smell like cocktails or fresh grass!

The smell that gets me the most?
Is the smell of a good Yankee collection.

I was first introduced to the candle makers the second I walked into Lewis' mums home for the first time! Noticing the vast collection on the side and the smell of fresh cotton hitting me in the face.

So when I finally got a wage that gave me a little bit extra to spend on myself? My first stop was my nearest Yankee store (luckily in my town centre, 5 minutes away!)

I love sweet fruits and the strongest smells. I love clean smells too put I do like that massive fragrance hitting me in the face the second I walk into the room, so my first purchase was the Sicilian Lemon candle! I think I went through the entire store opening and closing lids trying to find the perfect one! This was really strong and it had almost a sourness to it (obviously, the good kind!) So I bought myself a small jar for £7.99

Okay so they're not the cheapest way to freshen up your home, but they last for so long that it's completely worth it!

I ended up buying myself a medium Dragon Fruit scented jar the other day which smells incredible!
Not to mention the fact that it was in Yankee's monthly sale, where they do 25% off certain candles, which is an absolute dream!

To go with that, I bought a reed diffuser! I noticed that the candle smell was incredible, but unless they was burning there's no scent left roaming the room, so to keep ours smelling nice I purchased the beach walk diffuser! I bought mine off ebay (because it was a little bit cheaper than the Yankee store) and it smells incredible! I also purchased a candle wick trimmer, because there is a great importance to

Every time I walk into my room now I'm hit with fragrances and smells that aren't my housemates body odour that's ended up in my attic room! (The joys of living in the highest room without a door)

So there you have it! I am obsessed!